With “LaChuorsa”, Attimo Chocolate in Zurich created the most valuable chocolate in the world.

“La Chuorsa” consists of an extremely rare Grand Cru chocolate that is made with cocoa beans from the village of Chuao in Venezuela. The world’s best chocolatiers sometimes have to place their order 19 years in advance to receive part of this chocolate. It is combined with a Swiss saffron from the Valais mountain village of Mund. Only 1.5 kilos a year are harvested from this spice, which makes it one of the rarest spices in the world. Crystals from fresh oranges round off the aroma of this chocolate.

A large part of the income goes directly to the cocoa farmers and in projects that promote sustainable cocoa production. “At Attimo, we believe that all natural resources are far too valuable to waste. That is why we extract the absolute maximum of taste and usability from every hand-picked ingredient. As part of social responsibility, it is also important to us to make a contribution to society and to be able to achieve sustainability, “said the CEO.