Attimo Chocolate creates the next generation of pralines for businesses

Pralines are the absolute supreme discipline when it comes to chocolate. Legend says that even Louis XIV, the Sun King, was a fan of these delicacies in the 16th century. Pralines have  several centuries of tradition. Today the innovative chocolate manufacturer Attimo, based in Zurich, is launching a new generation of chocolate art with unusual creations.

What sets your creations apart from a classic praline?

“There are of course certain parallels between our creations and a classic praline. The word praline means a filled chocolate. However, we do not create pralines but Attimi (derived from the company name Attimo Ital. moment). We want to create unique moments, because chocolate is pure pleasure. We focus on exceptional taste experiences. Our Attimi are characterized by an incomparable lightness and aromas of intensity. The selection of the right ingredients and their processing is essential”

How do you create the Attimi?

“Creating an Attimi starts with choosing the right cocoa. All of our Attimi are made exclusively with sustainable Premier Cru chocolate. Premier Cru means that the cocoa comes from a specific area, such as a plantation or region within a country. Unlike wine, Premier Cru chocolate is of a higher quality than Grand Cru chocolate. It is not unusual to find other fruits such as coconuts, bananas, limes and mangos growing next to our wild cocoa trees. This greatly influences the aroma and makes the taste unique. We have been able to use special processing techniques to achieve a long shelf life of our products, although we only work with natural ingredients and without preservatives.”

What was your motivation to create the Attimi?

“Our team is fascinated by chocolate and innovation. Attimi are a perfect fusion of both. We believe that it is time for more creativity and innovation and therefore wanted to offer an alternative to the classic milk, dark and white chocolate. Our customers are companies from different industries who want to connect with their customers through emotions and create a truly unique moment for them. It was vital for us to develop a product that manages to awaken and transport these emotions. All of our products can be further personalized and thus provide the end customer with a unique experience.”

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